Intelligence can be viewed as the ability to understand the world, to think rationally, and to use resources effectively when faced with challenges. With regard to the intelligence that everyone has, most people are unaware of the multiple intelligence theory proposed by Howard Gardner. This multiple intelligence, emphasizes the human ability of mathematical intelligence of logic, language intelligence, musical intelligence, spatial visual intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalist intelligence. This study aims to create a Dominant Multiple Intelligence Identification Application which is expected to help simplify the search for dominant multiple intelligences owned by someone, especially from the age of 17-30 years or the category of job seekers.

Methods in the intelligence search of this application is to provide an option in the form of intelligence criteria that will be tailored to the habits or behavior of the user. In this case, the researcher tries to analyze the existing intelligence criteria for the design process of dominant intelligent identification identification application with knowledge base and inference engine with UML design model with java programming language.

From the results of research to create applications that can identify dominant multiple intelligent, dominant intelligence can be determined based on the grouping of criteria of intelligence, and the formula used to generate points and percentages based on the options selected user. Based on testing using Black Box, it can be concluded that there is no error when the application is run. Then from the application design generated output display in the form of percentage of intelligence, Graph of intelligence, brief explanation as well as appropriate profession based on dominant intelligence.


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